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Pop Icons
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Updated on October 23, 2005
Welcome to Pop Icons

We're a community devoted to those who like to find new pop-oriented icons for use in their LiveJournals (and other places).

And for those who enjoy creating and sharing icons!

This is open to all LJ users interested in joining. So join up and join in! The idea is to have fun, so let's keep all drama at a minimum, please. Thanks!

To request an icon, simply join and post an entry to popicons popicons telling what you're looking for.

WARNING: There will possibly be some nudity and adult content (text on icons) here. Please don't join if you feel you might be offended. Thanks!

  • Can I share pictures to be used for creating new icons?


    But please don't send 'tagged' pics. (Meaning pics that have watermark text on them. Text YOU didn't put there.) These images 'BELONG' to someone else. If you 'borrow' the pic from someone else and they OBJECT, you must stop using it. (You wouldn't want anyone to steal your things -- so please don't steal pics from others.) The simplest thing to do is to ask before sharing a pic you find.

    And don't forget to put images BEHIND an lj-cut tag, please.

  • Can I right-click and Save the icons shared here -- to keep them for my own use?

    Out of COURTESY for the icon creators, we ask that members ONLY use those icons specified as available, please.

    Further, it's expected that you'll COMMENT and tell the creator you're going to use a given icon -- and offer thanks for the icon you're taking.

  • Can I ask for a specific type of pop-related icon?

    Sure! If you're looking for a specific person or band (group), then say what you'd like -- and please be detailed. (Such as The Backstreet Boys, Nsync, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, etc.)

    If you'd like SPECIFIC text (words) on your icon, you need to state it clearly, as well. (Especially if you want your LJ username included.)

    NOTE: It's best to leave the basic design and colors up to the icon creators, however. Creating icons is ART. The icon creators will probably 'test' the best colors for proper display, readability, etc.

    If you see a given icon here at the community or in other places -- and want elements of it for your own use -- then specifically refer to it and explain what elements you'd like changed for your own use.

    If possible it helps for the icon creator to SEE a sample. Please REMEMBER: You must CREDIT the icon creator when posting a sample. If the creator posts and asks you to REMOVE their icon, you must do so IMMEDIATELY, no exceptions.

  • What things need to be put behind an lj-cut tag?

    All your images, links (all links, please), any icons being shared over THREE (3) -- and any questions asked about the community rules -- must be BEHIND an lj-cut tag, which is actually simple to use!

    Remember, use of the lj-cut tag is ESSENTIAL here. Here's the code. Feel free to highlight, cut and paste as needed!

  • Do I need to credit for icons I find here?

    No. But it's only right that you should! It's easy to add the name of the icon creator to your user pic/icon keywords or comments, so why not?

    (Think about it: If you'd created the icon, wouldn't you want to be offered credit?)

  • When POSTING icons I've created to share with others, can I define my own rules?

    Only if these are not contrary to our community rules. For example, you can't REQUIRE that members give you credit -- though you may ASK that they do!

    We also prefer you post your icons HERE, rather than LINK to them.

    You can post up to THREE icons (as samples) outside the lj-cut. All other icons shared must be put BEHIND an lj-cut tag.

    You may NOT promote your personal icon community or journal without specific PERMISSION from a community maintainer. No exceptions are allowed.

    Posts that ignore any of these rules are subject to being deleted without notice.

    By the way, THANKS for being willing to share your talents and skills with others! That's very kind of you!

  • Will you be adding the icons I've shared here to the community memories?

    Yes! That's the plan! (The maintainers will do their best to keep the memories up.)

    NOTE: We hope to go back and add previously shared icons to our memories. HOWEVER, any icons not shared directly at the community will NOT be added. Nor will we add any icons that include a promotion of another community or journal. If you want to EDIT any of your previous posts to make them comply with our new guidelines, please feel free to do so!

  • Can I advertise here? You know, my icon community, my graphics community, etc.


    Actually, let me be more specific. You can't do any promotion here without PERMISSION from one of the community maintainers.

    This is the most recent change at the community, but it will be enforced by the maintainers. Your entry will be deleted without notice. You can also be banned without notice by a maintainer. In other words, don't go there.

    There are numerous community specifically set up for community promotion. Please use one of those. Thanks.

To Promote Your Community:


Note: There are literally dozens more. You can click here to see more. I've only listed those that have more than 300 members, figuring that a community without many members isn't really reaching anyone...

To Find Communities:

If you friend the following, you can also answer questions, which gives you a chance to promote your community!


By the way, I retain the right to CHANGE these rules on a regular basis -- so I advise members to check PRIOR to posting, please. Not knowing the rules isn't an acceptable excuse at this community. (Unless you're unable to READ, of course! Just kidding...)

Please be nice, friendly and mature -- and remember to say 'please' and 'thank you.' If you can do that, I think you'll enjoy being a member here.

QUESTIONS? Feel free to post and ask (behind an lj-cut, please).

|Milo milo_hunt, community owner and maintainer
Assisted by:
CharlieMC (Charlie) charliemc, community maintainer